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Forest Lake Chapels now offers premium cremation services in Binan and Iloilo. Our facilities feature the latest cremation equipment operated by trained professionals. At Forest Lake, we handle everything with the utmost care and respect for your loved one’s remains. Call us today to learn more.



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*Viewing and upgrades to metal and brass urns are available in Binan Chapel.

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Crematorium FAQ

Our crematoriums are built with Filipino families in mind. We offer well planned facilities that allow memorable sendoffs and funeral events.

Cremation is the process of subjecting remains to intense heat and evaporation. Cremation may serve as a funeral or post-funeral rite and as an alternative to burial.

Cremation can be performed at a cemetery, a funeral home that offers cremation services, or a stand-alone crematorium.

The deceased body is put in a cremation chamber and exposed to high heat and direct flame in order to be converted into cremains.It normally takes two to three hours, depending on the body’s weight, the sort of casket or container in which it is placed, the temperature in the retort, and other considerations. However, after incineration, the corpse is reduced to skeletal remains and bone fragments when cremated.These residues are allowed to cool for a while before being processed further.Finally, the cremated remains are ground into a fine powder with a uniform, unidentifiable consistency and are then placed in a temporary container or urn and given to the family for final disposition.If the cremated body is to be buried in a columbarium, mausoleum, or similar structure, you may want to avoid pulverizing the bone fragments.

Death Certificate Cremation Authorization Form Valid ID of the deceased Valid ID of the authorized party

 *Senior Citizen/PWD discount of 20% + VAT will apply.

Cremations are available in Forest Lake Chapels Binan and in Forest Lake Parks Iloilo.

You may reach us in the following numbers:

Forest Lake Chapels Binan: 09178889955 / 09188242735

Forest Lake Iloilo: 09985396589/(033) 321-2887

Cremation transforms the body to cremated remains within a matter of hours as compared to traditional burial which follows the slow process natural decomposition. Many consider cremation as a way of hurrying the process of decomposition with respect and reverence.

Cremations are relatively more cost-effective than direct burials as there is no need for embalming and it allows keeping of the remains at home or at more affordable columbariums. Remains are also kept in urns instead of more expensive caskets.

Cremation is a popular option in countries with limited real estate as it helps save ground space. Nevertheless, both cremation and burials are regarded as safe ways of dealing with the dead body.

Cremation allows a more flexible memorialization as compared to burials especially for families that move or live away from their root locations. It allows families to carry the cremated remains of the deceased with them if they are moving elsewhere which is not possible in case of burial.

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