Online Memorial Services

Leveraging technology to bring families together across continents during and after a death in the family.

"Forest Lake is the at the forefront of bringing state of the art online funeral and memorial services nationwide. From our Online Viewings to Personalized Memorial Celebrations of Life, we are redefining how memories of our deceased loved ones are immortalized and celebrated."
Online Funeral Services
Forest Lake Memorial Services
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Expanding the horizons of a better place. As we strive to stay connected while being apart, Forest Lake expands the horizons of creating a better place for everyone with its Online Funeral Services. Be there with your family to honor your departed loved one no matter you are, and share memorable moments together through our online communication channels.

Our Online memorial Services

A new way to hold funerals. In a digital world, technology always finds a way to keep us connected, especially when we most need it. Discover
new personalized experiences with the following inclusions of our online memorial services

Funeral Live Stream

Witness and take part on the funeral service of your departed loved one through live video streaming.

Video Conferencing

Share and relive special moments with your family through an online video conference channel.

Virtual Presentations

Look back at sweet memories and honor your dearly departed with personalized virtual presentations.

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